FIRE BRIGADE OF THE E. B. EDDY COMPANY. - Firefighter Training & News

2022-05-06 18:36:05 By : Ms. chris Zhu


A correspondent writes that the E. B. Eddy company, of Ottawa, has a thoroughly well drilled and efficient fire brigade for the protection of its costly paper mill interests. There are thirteen business departments, each of which has its own fire company and captain—the latter being the foreman of the department. The fire alarm system, the apparatus, and the waterworks system are all independent of the public systems, and, besides the water supply, an automatic sprinkling system has been installed, which is fed from a special supply afforded by a number of 8,000-gaiion tanks, as well as by a connection with the street system.

On Oct. 22 the brigade held its annual fire tournament. The weather was about as unfavorable as it could be; but, in spite of that hindrance, very fast time was made under the following conditions: Each competing company, starting with a reel containing 500 feet of hose, all strapped with keys in boxes, ran to the hydrants, made connections, laid 100 feet of hose, attached nozzle, and broke with the stream a hoop of paper twenty-five feet away and suspended twelve feet in the air. The best time made was sixty-five seconds.

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