600 ton home appliance panel metal processing heavy duty straight edge metal punching machine

Manufacturing Precision Standards : Japanese JIS 1 Class1. Parameters1)  400ton  --  600ton ParametersNameUnitXTD-400XTD-500XTD-600ModelSHSHSHCapacityTon400500600Rated tonnage pointmm137137139Strokemm400300400300400300Speed changings.p.m15-2535-4015-2525-4015-2520-30Die heightmm600650650700650700Slide adjustm

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Manufacturing Precision Standards : Japanese JIS 1 Class
1. Parameters
1)  400ton  --  600ton Parameters
Rated tonnage pointmm137137139
Speed changings.p.m15-2535-4015-2525-4015-2520-30
Die heightmm600650650700650700
Slide adjustmentmm150200200
Slide areamm2800x13003100x14003600x1400
Bolster areamm2800x14003100x15003600x1500
Side openingmm850x600950x6501000x700
Die cushion capacityTon607080

2)  800ton  --  1200ton Parameters
Rated tonnage pointmm139139139
Speed changings.p.m15-2520-3015-2520-3015-2520-30
Die heightmm7007501000105010001050
Slide adjustmentmm250250250
Slide areamm3800x16004600x18005000x1800
Bolster areamm3800x16004600x18005000x1800
Side openingmm1100x8001200x9001200x900
Die cushion capacityTon808080

2. Technical Descriptions :
1)     Slider with Octahedral longer guide rails to guarantee operation precision.
2)     Hydraulic overload protection device stop the operation emergency when overload ,convenient for application;
3)     PLC electric interlocking control , with functions of Emergency stop, inch, single-stroke, and continuous operation;
4)     Dry pneumatic friction clutch is small in noise, large in clutching torque, small in braking angle, and convenient for maintenance;
5)     Body is closed structure, including beams, stand columns, and bases, pre-tighten by four tie bolts, with good rigidity .

Standard Configuration:
> Hydraulic overload protector
> Electric slider adjusting device
> Independent electrical control cabinet
> Movable Operating Platform
> Digital mould-height indicator
> Circulation centralization lubrication oil feeding device
> Power socket
> Over-run safety device
> Misfeed detection device
> Pre-determined counter (6 digits)
> Air-blast device 1/2" primary circuit
> Air source connector 1/2" secondary circuit
> Frequency converter

Optional Configuration:
> Die Cushion device
> Photo-electric safety device
> Knock out device on the slider
> Safety block and safety latch
> Anti-vibration device
> Die area lighting
> Quick die change device
> Movable working table
> Automatic feeding system

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